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Pratt Burnerd Gripsafe Gripmeter

The NEW Gripsafe chuck force measurement gripmeter accurately measures and records chuck gripping forces within seconds.

The New Gripsafe gripmeter allows effortless measurement of gripping forces applied by the chuck under both static and rotating conditions.

The Gripsafe utilitses Wi-Fi technology and a host of in-built software features to accurately measure, record and store chuck force data.  All that is required is to clamp the Gripsafe unit in the chuck and quickly run the tests, with instant results.

The Gripsafe Gripmeter is suitable for use on all makes of chuck and has been developed to help customers comply with health and safety legislation, allowing them to ensure that their chucks remain fit for purpose.  

If your chuck is poorly maintained, has damage or excessive wear, grip force can be seriously compromised - this is relevant on all types of lathe, from manual through to full CNC lathes and turning centres.

For these very reasons, Pratt Burnerd believe that the Gripsafe will prove to become a welcome tool for Health and Safety managers and lathe operators alike, who must meet these exacting safety standards.

For further information on the NEW Gripsafe Gripmeter or any other Pratt Burnerd Chucking product, click on the link below, or contact the sales team directly on +44 (0) 1924 415000.



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